Video Production

Bring your website to life with Video.

We create HD-quality web videos for your dental practice. Whether On-Location or In-Studio, our experienced video production team will create polished, professional video clips to be incorporated into your website.

Connecting with prospective patients through video media is the future of the Internet and we can deliver your message by creating introduction videos, patient testimonials videos, educational videos, office tour videos and many other types of videos. Let us provide a custom solution that best fits your practice.


On-Location Video Production

With our On-Location Video Shoot service, our video production team will stage the filming at your dental practice location, and can incorporate the participation of you, your staff and even your patients. The shoot will include all stages of production, including:

Pre-production process - includes initial consulting services, message development, planning, and script development.

Production process - includes an on-location video shoot including light, sound, and scene background set up; camera work; and on-site direction.

Post-production process - includes video capture, professional editing, organization, compression, and seamless integration into your website.


In-Studio Video Production

Our In-Studio Video Shoot services take place at our studio location, using a green screen background, and our own professional actors and actresses. Introduction videos and dental educational/informational videos are the most viable choices for this service.

The In-Studio Video shoot includes all the same stages of production as an On-Location Video. Also, by using a “green screen technique”, we can incorporate images or flash media behind the image of our actor or actress. This means that we can edit the footage so that our actor or actress appears in front of an image of your office or a visual of your choice.


Ready2Go Video Websites

5 Webpage Design with Video - per month / Includes: Website Hosting, E-Mail & Maintenance


Complete website with intro video. 

Choose one of our spokesmodels.

Choose a design.

We'll Do The Rest!


Click on the video to learn more about our Ready2Go Video websites.


Video Editing and Post-Production

Do you have video that needs to be professionally edited?  Our video editing team can finalize your video project with our post production services.


Professional editing, organization of your raw footage into watchable video clips, compression, and seamless integration into your website with our custom Flash Video Player platform will provide your video project with the final touch.




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