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What’s included in the monthly cost:

+ Full service maintenance and support – If you feel like changing a page, adding a new service, or updating any piece of content, email us and we will promptly get it done for you. You will also have the ability to make those changes yourself.

+ Business class website hosting – Not all hosting is the same.  Your site will be hosted on our dedicated server, not a shared server,
which means that it is faster, more reliable, and customer service is easily accessible by phone.

+ Future redesigns are FREE – We don’t know what a website will look like in the future, but we plan on having them available.  Every single year the style of the web changes, which means that we are always creating new designs to keep up with the fashion and technology of the internet. When you visit a site from 2-3 years ago, it is obvious that it is outdated. With MyPracticeOnline, you get to redesign your website by choosing from our future designs.

+ New features –  Any upgrades that we add to our platform are available to you for free. A wonderful example of this is when we added our Mobile Smartphone sites, therefore upgrading all existing clients for free!

+ Unlimited email accounts – We provide you with as many email accounts as your office needs.

+ Website editor – Edit any web page yourself with a few simple steps, plus,  you can add unlimited pages, images, and videos.

+ Patient education video library – If you were to purchase these videos directly from the provider ,they would cost $30 per month. With us, they are included in your monthly cost. The benefit of these videos is that they provide your patients with accessible information for at-home internet learning.