Facebook ‘Timeline’ for Businesses

On March 30th 2012, Facebook announced that all user profiles and business pages would be transferred over to the new ‘Timeline‘ format.  As a individual user, the ‘Timeline’ has only personal benefits, however, as a business there are financial and community building rewards to be taken advantage of.


The benefits of Facebook ‘Timeline’ include:

  • Match your Facebook and webpage to create a ‘One Look’
  • The custom designed banner advertisement grabs a viewers attention
  • Displaying special offers, discounts, coupons & rewards is easy
  • Informing your community of events creates better participation
  • Showcasing your practice achievements and accolades creates loyalty
  • Building a place for your patients to voice their opinions and ask questions is responsible
  • Taking pictures of your office, team members and smile galleries creates a personal touch
  • Booking appointments directly through Facebook creates more business
  • Word-of-mouth-marketing on Facebook creates more referrals


What we offer:

When choosing MyPracticeOnline as your website provider, you will also receive a customized Facebook ‘Timeline’ page that matches your webpage and social media pages.  Additionally, we will create you a customized ‘Welcome’ page that is reflective of your website’s homepage.  There are currently 800 million active users on Facebook, many of which are shopping, browsing business pages, and comparing your dental practice to the one down the street.  In fact, it is probable that if a prospect is impressed by what they see on your practice’s page, they may not even visit your website and will book their appointment directly through Facebook by filling out a form or calling the office.



Welcome page

We will create a customized ‘Welcome’ page that mirrors your website. These pages encourage your community and prospective patients to ‘Like’ the page before viewing all the details on the Timeline.




Custom Timeline page

Your custom designed ‘Timeline’ business page also matches your website and if utilized correctly, can provide all of the benefits included above.