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Facebook is a powerful tool. You have probably heard this before – but where should you start, you might ask? Begin with this free download, because a solid Facebook strategy can further increase your gross revenue, the overall value of your practice, plus, create a place for patients to thank you! Regardless of whether you have 0, 100, or 500 Facebook ‘Likes’, these Top 10 Tips and Tricks can help you creatively build a community online, which can result in more of the patients you want to see and create more loyalty with the patients that you currently serve.


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Tip #1

Select your dedicated office-team member

  • Every office needs to have a dedicated team member, to manage the office’s Facebook business page.
  • This individual is preferably the person who works the front desk and interacts with the patients that sign in and out at the dentist.
  • They will be tech savvy, communicate well both verbally and in their written content, plus they will be passionate and positive about the practice as a whole.
  • All throughout the day, the team member will stay logged onto Facebook as it will be a part of their daily tasks to stay up to date with the activity that is happening online.

Tip #4

Did you know that many offices around the country raffle off an IPad every single month to their patients who check-in at the dentist via ‘Facebook Places?’

Find out why they are giving away $400 dollars in giveaways per month by reviewing Tip #4 on this free download.

Tip #7

Create a photo gallery of your office.

  • Having a professional photographer take pictures of the practice is the best way to get good quality photos, however, it is not imperative. Have your Champion take 10 photos of the office (interior and exterior), operatories, waiting room, and front desk.
  • When a new prospective patient lands on the practice Facebook page, chances are they won’t even view the website until they review the entire photo gallery and office info.