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It’s a simple fact - the search engines are here to stay. And more and more people are turning to internet search engines to find dentists online. This is especially true when trying to select a dentist that specializes in cosmetic procedures or dental procedures that are not covered by insurance.

The majority of dentists are turning to the search engines for new patient leads because today’s internet search engines replace the yellow pages of 20 years ago. In the past, advertising in the yellow pages was a necessity for any dentist. Today, it is imperative for a dentist to be top listed on the search engines in order to stay ahead of the competition.

What is Internet Dental Marketing?
This is the process of utilizing the power of the search engines to generate new patients. How does it work? Simply go to a search engine such as and type in the name of your town, and then the word "dentist" and click the search button.

Now look around the page and see what dentists or dental offices are showing up in the results.  If you don't see yourself then you're missing out on all the potential pateints that use the search engines everyday to find a dentist.

We can help you get found on the search engines.


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